Toro Stem 8

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    What is one worth? Cant seem to find one on @LT or elsewhere...

    Edit: I meant a stem 6
  2. look harder
  3. Does toro even make a stem 8?

    I think you mean SG and if that's the case good luck and be prepared to bust out that check book
  4. Yea you are looking for a sovereignty stem 8. They are hard to find and rather highly demanded so either stalk (literally) @lt or consider dropping 50 to get on bm
  5. man i wish Toro made stem/8's...that would be too much to handle.
  6. ^
    They wouldn't be gridded so... I doubt it.
  7. [quote name='"IzZ Tip C"']^
    They wouldn't be gridded so... I doubt it.[/quote]

    Agreed. Toro needs to change up their game and advance alittle, and drop their.price tag alittle, or continue to be unseated. J.P. is slackin'.
  8. yeah my bad guys. I meant 6 not 8.
  9. Yeah toro doesn't make those either. You want an SG or sovereignty. Look em up
  10. so what tube is this? Is it fake? Doesn't look it...

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  11. It's not a fake, that's just not the name for it. A stem-8 is a stemline to 8-arm. I don't know the exact name for that tube, I want to say that it's a fixed 7-arm but I don't think that's right. Hopefully someone who has more knowledge than me can shed some light on this.
  12. That's a toro with a single tree perc, not a stem 8....


  13. Yeah my bad, I just figured its stemless to 8-tree perc sounded right? My bad for calling it the wrong thing, as i have never seen one before.

  14. and it would be grossly over priced compared to a sg stem/8
  15. Can i get a price check on the tube?
  16. Itza's equivalent is about $400, so I'd guess somewhere around there.
  17. where is a good site to by toro glass bongs??
  18. Boromarket
    maybe Bitfreak if you not spending more the three hundred
  19. Boromarket
    maybe Bitfreak if you not spending more the three hundred
    Toro makes a inline eight arm. They cost eight one sold at the market for five twenty today.

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