toro question??

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  1. What's up GC just wanted to clear something up...

    What's better stemless disk toro or stemless tree toro?
  2. never used either one. BUt i have a toro circ.. and toro circ a/c... love them both. personally, their circ diffusers are better imho than their disc or tree percs.

  3. its all prefernce. the tree costs more, but some people like the dick, i would rather have the tree though
  4. ..... they like the dick? HAHA! who exactly?

    He meant disc

  5. oh shit lmfao, i wont edit it for shits and giggles!

  6. Lmfao
  7. i like stemless tree toro
  8. how do you know if the circs are better than trees or discs if youve never used them?
  9. Think about how well each setup filters or splits up the smoke.

    The Trees and circs do a much better job at that then the disk. But the disk design (or anything TORO for that matter) will be smoother than shit + theyre cheaper + you still get the sexy top tree
  10. Personally never used them.... but from not only a design aspect, but also from the fact that many of my friends have used them, plus looking online, majority of people, for toro's, prefer the circ over the tree. Tree adds drag, which some people might like, but most don't. as for the disc, there isn't that much diffusion when compared to the circ.

    also, I said IMHO, obviously since i havent used it, im slightly biased, but OP knew that by reading my post.
  11. The trees and discs are both great. I like the circs more because they look sicker imo. I have a stemless toro disc tube and I love it. It is sturdy as hell and really smooth. And for the price tag I would take the disc over the others anyday.
  12. just got a disc last thursday, i am in love. As an above poster said its sturdy, smooth, and it hits HARD. i havent hit any other kind of toro, but the disc did NOT dissapoint.

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