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  1. So i own a mini circ and love it. its the work horse of my collection. but unfortunatly, i must sell it =\

    So my question is, since i cant find anyone i know who wants to buy it, i was going to sell it on Ioffer. but im not sure if thats a good idea or not. Ioffer is the only website i know of that will sell glass pieces now, and i refuse to pay 50 bucks + to sell it on BoroMarket (they annoy the shit out of me...with all thier rules....)

    Anyway, i was wondering if anyone had A) an idea of what the mini circ would be worth (totally clean and only had it for about 3 months, baught for 500). i was thinking 300ish. Also, if anyone knows a better place to sell it, im all ears haha
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    Yeah that wont work.

    Toro was so over priced that all of there mini circs cell retail for 340 now.

    So you would be asking someone for 40 off FULL RETAIL PRICE AS OF RIGHT NOW for a used product.

    Im sorry you wasted your money on over priced glass dude but your going to have to take a substantial loss in your money.


    heres the proof.

    And jsut so you know, black leaf makes a micro circ for 200.

    I suck at math so please be critical of these numbers i give you.

    But if you bought it for 500 dollars, and were willing to sell it for 300

    That means you were willing to sell it for 60% of the retail value.

    But the retail value is now 340.

    60% of 340 is 204.

    Are you willing to sell this for 204 bucks?
  3. wow. detailed hahahaha. and yea it was complicated how i even got it and im fully aware of its over-pricedness.

    Id probably post it for like 250.

    And im aware of black leaf, except quite frankly they make a knock-off product. people dont buy toro glass for the perc. they bu it because they KNOW its the bet glass around. its a brand, just like any other. and you get what you pay for.
  4. also, for what its worth, i was thinking of throwing in my Mako Slide, it has a chip on it, but its still pretty BA. i should post a pic haha
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    If its over priced, how can you get what you paid for?

    Its funny, and your not the only one. But its a shame how socially acceptable it is to OVER CHARGE for glass, but its not ok to make a cheaper product that is appropriatly priced.

    You paid 500 dollars for something thats worth 340.

    That is the definition of "not getting what you paid for"

    Am I right?

    Thats a cool idea.

    definitely throw a pic up.
  6. Put the 2 next to each other and you WILL see a difference. the choice is up to you, its all about branding.

    Why do people buy a Lamboghini when you could buy a toyota?? Its the same logic. you can call it over priced if you want but you DO get what you paid for.

    Similar? yes. the same? No. not a chance. they are different and if you put them next to each other in person you'd definatly see it.
  7. Plus you mean to tell me that a toro PLUS a 200 dollar slide is worth 204? that sir is just insane and wrong.

    If im throwing in the mako slide im askin at least 350-400.
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    I dont really see what you mean. If I bought a lamborghini for 200k+ then im sure its worth 200,000 and if I wanted to sell it I could get the majority of my money back as long as it wasn't totally fucked up. Where as if I buy a toyota now and want to sell it in 2 weeks its value instantly decreases by thousands because its been driven. Your comparing a mass produced brand to another brand that maybe cranks out 3000+ cars annually. Im sure the quality is much higher.

    + ive never heard about the brakes on someones lambo just not working.

    To be honest glass, is glass, is glass. There are some quality differences, but putting an established glas brand against another brand your going to see some differences, but not as drastic as what your saying. I've hit black leaf pieces, I've hit toro's not really a lot of difference in my opinion. Maybe black leaf's have more drag but its not really all that different. Black leaf makes basically the same shit as toro but prices it at something reasonable. Toro your basically overpaying for the logo.

    Im not hating on toro but you really are just paying for the name, just like Roor
  9. i looks like you are taking a big loss...sorry to hear you paid $500 for a toro Micro...ouch

    but good luck selling it

  10. Where did he ever say it was a micro? There are toro mini's that are bigger than the micros hence why it cost 500
  11. Im not hating on toro but you really are just paying for the name, just like Roor[/QUOTE]

    I disagree that you are just paying for the name when buying 3.2 roor lil sista can go toe to toe with a 7mm shitty glass bong and the 3.2mm from Roor is just solid...dont get me wrong i also own a black leaf but i can assure you the Roor was blown by a skilled glass blower....its perfection

    Also just got an SG Natty Splash and it was blown to perfection as well

    Also got a 2011bc double was blown to perfection

    The black leaf...not blown to perfection but still a nice tube to smoke when i have clumsy friends around.

    so no you are not always "just paying for the name" in some cases this is true

    for the OP it might be true though
  12. this is true. mine came with additional base which, according to the wevsite adds another 100 to the value. (look on the website posted as proof above and notice the difference)

    not huge, but apparently worth another 100 haha
  13. "faceted foot". thats it haha
  14. 1st off, OP, I don't mean to call you out, but you came here looking for advice, then argued when they gave you a reasonable guess for a good resale value. However, his quote was based on the micro, not the mini, so there is a price increase there. I wouldn't be surprised if you could get 350-400 for it with the slide, if the slide was $200 new. It will also depend on who you find to buy it. If its someone like you who loves toro they may pay more, if its someone who likes good glass, but not necessarily toro they probably wont pay as much. Toro has a good markup for the name, as does ROOR, but I agree with Puffer...that isn't all that you pay for. You are getting great quality glass (usually..toro can be hit or miss lately :/) but you also then pay more for the TORO logo. Meaning that if you found a smaller company, and they made a tube of equal quality it would cost considerably less...which is normal for big name companies, they earn the right to pay that much by becoming well known. As a result the resale values can be rough depending on the buyer. If you are looking to sell a piece online you are most likely looking at well informed buyers, people who will know things like..they can get a sovereignty stemline new for around 300, and it would have more diffusion than a toro mini circ, and less drag. So if the buyer is looking for value, but not toro, you have to provide incentive to give up that extra diffusion by lowering the price.
    If I were you, and you want to get back a good bit of what you paid I would look for a collecter or enthusiast of toro (they aren't too hard to find) and try to work something out with them.

    And, lastly OP, you said that toro is "the best glass around" which I just want to point out is purely opinion. I have found many toro tubes with crooked arms and other flaws...its quite common. When they do good work it can be quite nice, but no better than many other quality brands, like those listed above by puffer.

  15. Well you also called it over priced, so it doesnt matter, you agree toro is over priced.

    Second, If you put them next to each other you will see a difference

    Thats why one costs 150 dollars less than the other. Thats logical, and is not to be held against either brand


    My bad man, I miss interpreted mini for micro.

    So I fucked up in the beginning.

    Didnt mean to make this about micros when its not.


    The price I quoted you for was the mini only. which isnt even accurate anymore because I thought we were talking about a micro, my mistake.

    You told me about the slide after the fact.

    So I never told you a toro plus a slide was worth 204

    I guess my post was so detailed you couldnt comprehend everything I was saying.

  16. That would also add a bit to the value, if you paid 500 then 350-400 (maybe 450) for the tube alone is good, with the slide you could probably try for as much as 550, and if you find a buyer who loves/collects toro you may be good. I would probably list it as 550 OBO. Make sure to point out the faceted base, since thats fairly rare, and makes it something of a collectors item.

    Has it been well maintained and cleaned?
  17. easy there champ, no need for subtle insults here.
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    It is currently without any stains what-so-ever and in COMPLETE legal standing =) no scratches, dings, or imperfections anywhere on the piece.

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