Toro Milk and Dank!!

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  1. Hey guys, finally got my Toro and had to break it in. Enjoy:D:wave:
    Here is also some dank called Funk#4,lol. had it not too long ago and it was some funk,lol.:D
  2. UH OH! TORO x JOKER in the HOUSE!

    Keep it up, homie.

    Sweet mods on that tube, too! LOL!
  3. woah! label on the back?! big fucking facet?! :eek:
  4. LOL, if you only knew...
  5. that is a sick single man, i really like the rasta label

  6. Lol, thanks man. That was quick as shit too, like in milleseconds. you gotta be typing 3200wpm(worddsperminute):p
    Look out for a milk vid in the sticky and more to come,:D

  7. hahahah, what's the supposed to mean?
  8. TORO x Kind Creations repair work
  9. Niice tube dude, is that a 6 or 8 arm? How tall is it? I love the label in the back. I have never seen that. congrats, but dude, those percs are going to get so dirty, if you don't get an ashcatcher your absolutely fucked ;)
  10. I'll let T_J answer everything else, but I have owned one of these tubes, and I can tell you 100% that an a/c is not necessary. It cleans fine. If there's ash that doesn't come out easily, you just blow down thru the tube and blow the ash out the joint.

  11. ohhhhh! man, KC kills every single thing they do.

  12. Lol, there might be a inside joke to that one Tricky;),

    five to one its a 8 arm.

    as for the backwards label, lets just say fuck USPS and there handling of packages, :mad: and thank god for the people at Kind creations,:)
  13. waaaait. You mean they put that big glass marble instead of the old hole and made a complete new joint on the other side???? Genious, hahahaha. You got a one of a kind piece now, but i agree fuck usps in the ass with a 12 inch dildo.

    edit- how tall?

  14. Its about 19inches and its not a marble its a .......
  15. ^^Facets for the mother fucking WIN.

  16. yea dude its a killer diamond that kinda makes a handle for it,lol. and also holds the backside of the top of the tree to make sure we dont have any mishaps,;)...:(lol
  17. Yeah, that would be... well, that would be reality for you and me.

    Remember, for the future, it's a facet, not a diamond! LOL!

  18. cool, i really like it so facet it is. lol. it does add a unique touch to it, youll have to see it in person in the future,;).
  19. it's a diamond, get out of here w/ your fancy terms trikky hahahah jp. sweet pic of the facet ;)
  20. Nice revived Toro tube!

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