Toro micro ashcatcher?

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  1. ok so ive only seen a toro micro ashcatcher once before on aqualabstechnologies and it was sold out and only stayed on their site for a few days. So i realize my dreams of getting a toro micro ashcatcher to go along with my toro micro will be very hard to do unless someone can direct in the right direction. Using a regular toro ashcatcher will be too big for my micro and will likely tip over so I need some advice on a some top of the line ash catchers to throw on my toro micro something that would be balanced out have a 90 degree arm and not to big for the micro gimme ur opinion? Price isnt an issue so throw the best stuff yall can think.
  2. I think BFG still has a microverter up..
  3. bfg does have micros in right now
  4. wow thanks guys never knew about bitfreakglass b4 thanks for letting me know about this awesome site
  5. yea problem man thats what we are here for haha
  6. so after checkin out the site i really love their collection but i see one thing missing some sovereignty glass do they ever have sg's in stock or do they just not carry them?
  7. no they do not carry they the only official dealer of sovereignty on the internet is from aqualabtech(people hate on alt but thats where i got my sov and i love the thing) you can also find them on boromarket but there subsciptions are closed at the momment

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