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  1. Been looking into getting my first toro tube. Really was just asking everyone's opinion on the circ/circ, circ/13, and the 13/7. Been leaning toward the circ/13 since its the best of both worlds I would imagine. But any feedback would help greatly.:hello:
  2. Circ/Circ is flawless
  3. I'd say circ/13 for the say reason you said, best of both worlds. I've never hit any full size toro though so my opinion is meaningless haha, I just feel like you can't go wrong with trees and a showerhead/circ. Just make sure you pick out a clean one, I've seen some heavily flawed toros at my lhs before.

    Ooh actually I went in two weeks ago and saw a group of three kids water testing all three of the toros and a few möbius, one of the sets of arms o the toro were super crooked.
  4. ah thx guys for your opinions! much appreciated
  5. I like circs more than trees so I would go circ to circ
  6. Forget Toro get sovereignty

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