1. So which is the ideal toro for dabbing? one of the circ to circs/circ to 13s/7 - 13s or one of the circ bubblers?

    i'm inclined to believe the bubbler would be better since smaller setups are optimal for dabbing, but can someone who has experience with both corroborate this?
  2. Prime toro for dabbing would be a Micro or a Macro, but i just got a mini fixed 7 arm and its fucking awesome for dabbing and flowers. Its 12 inches and its PeRfeCt!
  3. it seems less diffusion is better for taste when dabbing...i use my Bongs mainly because thats how i can fit my Dome on it with the 18.8mm joint size.

    It seems the Toro Microverter or the Oil REcycler are designed for this purpose...although i see people taking huge dabs from Circ/Circ's and 7/13's all day long on youtube.

  4. Smaller=more flavour. I wouldn't even go with diffusion unless it's a specialized oil rig. IMO I'd just go for one of the aforementioned specialized oil rigs, or else a small bubbler.
  5. well i'd want to smoke flowers out of it occassionally, which is what's steering me away from the macros...

    that being said, i'm strongly considering the micro single circ and the single inline...

    also on bitfreak there is a single circ with a faceted foot for an extra 80 bucks...

    would anyone be able to describe the main difference between the 3? (single circ, single inline, single circ with faceted foot)

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