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  1. Hey GC, im going up to Gotham on the 13th and i cant decide what to get.
    I am debating on a Inline with a 13 stem per and a 9 stem trash catcher, or a 7/13 fixed stem with a 9 stem trash catcher too.

    Here are links to what i basiclly want.

    Post # 454


    Post # 333 4th picture down

    Tell me what you think hits better, smoother, looks nicer, and if its worth the money.

  2. i vote the 7/13 but i'm not really a fan of inline tubes and how it sticks out like that. Either way, I'm sure you will be happy with your purchase.

    you should also throw a poll up for this.
  3. I think the 7/13 looks better, never hit an inline but i'm sure they hit great as well, i'm just not a fan of how they look, an inline ashcatcher is a different story though...
  4. post number 454 ;)
  5. 521 can u give any feed back as to y u choose 454? i know u have experience with both these styles.
  6. iv seen one like post 454 at whelers, from a company called HMG home made glass, The dood went to that las vegas convention in february and just got the shipment in and are selling one like #454 or 5 2 1 toro.
    he is selling them for $300, i tried hitting one with water it was fast pull.
  7. bong: circulator to inline
    ash: 9arm
  8. Don't let looks fool you. Just because something looks funny does not mean it does not function great. I've been convinced into buying an inline to 13 too. Waiting for the shop to get it in til I bring it home.

    The disc/circ is a nice hit too.
  9. inline, no question
  10. inline for sure

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