Toro dealer around tristate

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  1. well if you dont know gotham is shut down hopefully temporarily. suffolk county closed all glass shops that sell water pipes. they'll know whats good june 10th with their status if they have to move or not. but what other shops are in NY. i know Ithica glass has toros. hows there selection. is there any other places to get them. and NY gifts has none so dont suggest that lol
  2. wtf Gothams closed?!
  3. they're not closed, they just can't sell any "water pipes" at the moment
  4. ny gifts did have toro's last time i was there, only a few. i don't know if they still have them i haven't been there in a few months
  5. they said yesterday they would have their stuff back wednesday so im hoping that happens
  6. ithica glass is not close really.... its like 5 hours from the city.
  7. well im really looking for a toro and will take the trip. plus thats where they are blown so they should have a sick selection. and yeah hopefully june 10th they should be aloud to sell glass again but if the doesnt happen(which i really hope it doesn't) im just looking for other shops
  8. I just hope you know my birthday is the 12th. so you better get to gotham before me.
  9. Ghost Dog in Rochester NY always has toros. one of my buddies got one there and I went with him :D
  10. I was recently in NY Gifts on 6th Avenue, and they definitely had a few Toro's.
  11. I'm going to new york this summer. I was about to buy a bong but maybe ill wait and look around there? how much do toros run for in nyc? like the 7/13 arm fixed stems?
  12. Around 700-800 I believe

  13. i was there 5 weeks ago and all they had was a broken 8 arm. the entire tree fell off

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