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  1. Just picked up a toro circ bubbler from Kulture its the small bubbler is what they had it labeled as its about 10" tall and has a 5th anniversary script on it. I love it and it hits so fast but I was debating about getting a ash cather for it. I would prefer to stay toro and 5th year anniversary script just to stay matching.

    Any input or know where I could pick one up?

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  2. don't get an ashcatcher for that bubbler...get a carbon filter...mcfinns is nice but some other brands make a lower profile one that is nice.

    or if you want to upgrade get some dabbing materials like a dome and a ti-skillet

  3. How much did that cost you? And where is culture?
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    Puffer6 - Why do you say no a/c and carbon instead. Is dabbing materials like a dome and a ti-skillet for concentrates? Excuse my n00bness but how are they used I still dont get the whole concept.

    Its was $255 its spelled kulture. They are a glass shop in Virginia but you can order online through their site and the toro is on there. I wanted a 2011bc bubbler but looked like it was going to be hard to get one so I picked this up and am very happy.
  5. Yeah it looks real sick and compact which is good since I would need to hide it. Does it rip hard? Good diffusion? You should post a milk vid
  6. It rips hard and when you realize its full and pull the slide its like a smoother steam roller.

  7. I really like the toro bubblers, micros and mini's!

    I think to add an ac to a piece like that is a little akward and can be knocked over also adds unwanted weight making your piece easier to knock over...just overall akward to add an ac to a little bubbler like that.

    It's just my opinion from person experience....I have owned 5/6 different types of ash catchers on my bubblers...I mainly use them on my bongs.

    However I have used inline ash catchers on my 2011bc bubbler but you would need a 90degree angle A/C

    And domes and skillets are for smoking oil/hash aka concentrates.
    Check out u tube videos


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