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Tornadoes in Tennessee

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MSMJ, May 5, 2003.

  1. All our city folks ok?
  2. there was a tornado? I was up half the night studying for an exam that's in 2 hours and I missed it.
  3. Trees laying across the roads, lights out everywhere, School has been closed here..

    It was rough last night. I'm getting ready to go and try to help some of the more unfotunate. I'll spend two weeks cleaning my place up and putting a new roof on the house. A lot of people close by dont't even have a house now..

    I'll post more when I see what it all looks like around us!
  4. Good karma to ya', Budhead. You are so kind to help folks out. Sorry about all the work with the roof and cleanup. Be careful
  5. wow, i didn't even know that happened.

    good karma going to tennessee.

    hey bud head, try to get some damage pics if you can, i would like to see what a tornado will do.
  6. its sucks. i live in western north carolina and it was close enough. winds were real high, and shit was all over the place. there was so much to clean up, we lost power. i worked outside all day and helped the neighbors. sucked. i drove through the first five minutes of it to go home and almsot like flew off the road, scary

  7. yep.. I myself saw it.. northeast texas... were gonna get hit hard here in a min...
  8. Thats so unfortunate. I hope everyone's alright. I heard it on the news this morning, up in Canada! must have been some big tornadoes :(

    punkyworld, you still with us?
  9. The worst of it passed over here (cookeville) at about 7 this mornin. There was some strong winds and rain here, blew some limbs down, but I think thats about it. I know south of Nashville got hit hard and Jackson/Madison county too. 10 deaths was the last I heard. My mom was telling me that they were having to clean one of the main streets in Jackson with a bulldozer because an entire block was just leveled. Scary stuff.
  10. Wow.

    Karma to all of the TN folks....wish I had more time to talk about it, but I have to go. Time for my sis to get online.

    But I will be back on this one.
  11. Once again, this batch fired up just to the east of me. I tailed them out for about 30 miles, only to discover that I'd left my wallet at home. 1/8 tank of gas, I came home on fumes.

    Y'all keep your heads down! Next round is due here tomorrow. Probably be in your neighborhood by Weds. or Thurs.
  12. thought aboutcha budhead, glad your family is allright......

  13. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! when is it going to end!!!!

    They have severe thunderstorms and tornaados coming through here in 25-30 minutes. It is just west of us..

    I just got in from 5 miles of here digging cleaning up a house site so we could find the three people that were missing.. We found two of those people dead.. Now they are calling for more..

    We have flooded houses, destroyed roads where water is still runnig over them!

    Death and destruction all around me..

    I'm glad that all I have to do is put a new roof on so far!

    Ya'll send alot of karma our way. We need it bad down here!
  14. I'm cool! It's storming really bad here right now and has been all day but we were lucky in that the tornados didn't kick our ass.

    I'm sending karma out to everyone who is dealing with the tornados and to the families of those who have been killed. It's incredible what nature can do with it's wonders sometimes.
  15. wow, i had no idea how nuts it was down there right now. i don't have a tv at the moment. i hope the worst has past. i'll chuck some of this sunshine and some fair weather karma in your direction.
  16. They say now we will have severe weather till midday tommorrow! I'll keep you guys updated as the weather lets me.

    Thanks for all the karma and help!
  17. There are trees down on the main road going in to K'town and one of the busiest roads in town is flooding out. It's still pouring down rain and the electricity can't make up it's mind as to whether it wants to stay off or not. It's supposed to continue through tomorrow and it's just getting worse. I'm just thankful that the tornados are staying away from my area.

    ~Karma~ to everyone who has it worse than me. I saw pictures on TV of what everyone else is going through so it makes what I'm dealing with seem minimal. Everyone stay safe.
  18. It's finally calming down a bit here. The worst of the weather is going south of me.

    We are having more and more streets flooded and still have some trees across the roads.

    Several of the schools not to far away are closed today.

    Ive done all I can do for now to help.

    We'll I hope that everyone else is ok!
  19. BH, I'm glad the tornadoes are leaving your area finally...I'm sorry anyone had to die at sad.

    But, at least you're alive! For that, I'm thankful.
  20. I do my best to help my fellow neighbors. I help anyone that I can.

    Thanks for all the karma. Every one in my area does appreciate all the karma as well!

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