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Tornadoes again..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, May 11, 2003.

  1. This time it wasn't as bad.. the lightning and heavy thunder kept us awake for a couple hours early this morning..

    Looks like we may need to get the video camra out and set it up to catch all the storms glory!
  2. HIGH All, us up here on The WET Coast are thinking of you All and sending the good stuff your way.

    Stay safe BH.
  3. they're heading my way... there's already a tornado watch out for western PA... expected to shift across the state as the system moves eastward. hopefully we'll get a good show. i love thunderstorms.

    hope everyone who's in the path of this thing stays safe. keep an eye to the sky, and an ear to the weather.
  4. Merry Christmas y'all!

    Figgered we should'nt be having all the fun here in Okieland!:)

  5. Not 4 another 7 months LOLL bit premature there dude. And i feel soz 4 u guys in America u always gettin struck wid loadsa tornadoes, here in england we hardly eva get them and when we do there not as strong as your 1's. Soz Guys . Good Luck. Stay Safe n if u can record footage ov it n put it up on the Media forum ;)
  6. Thanks smokie for all the thrills of the weather.. I know that you are the one sending it our way!!! It always starts in................................................................Okie country! lol
  7. lol, we were supposed to get them thar boomers up in these parts... but i guess the atmosphere wasn't unstable enough. it didn't even rain... oh well. it usually doesn't get going around here until mid july through august.
  8. just so ya know we got okies storms too, thanks pokie ;)

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  9. Highya looks like you got the wet weather too!

    I hope you don't have any water damage..
  10. All you City folks be safe! There are so many of these storms and the season has just begun.
  11. critter,....a racoon ate my fish!
    i uh called in some controll so ill get new fish by the weekend.
    bud head, were just getting soaked an i cant complain, we knew we "might" flood beacuse of the creek bout 30 feet behind the fence, best we could do was build our foundation 3 feet higher than the road :D , the camper almost got it then the car was next. it went down really fast. when it flooded it rolled in from two places i swear we had a waterfall and we have no water damage justa mess. thank god we didnt get your tornados, peace to ya'll..
    spring :)
  12. Wow, I just saw Jackson (TN) for the first time since all the tornadoes. It's insane. Block after block of nothing but shredded houses and buildings. The downtown area got torn up too. There were still bunches of roads blocked because of trees/power lines, and this is a week later!! its really crazy. Everything looks stripped bare because most of the trees are gone. Its obvious this is gonna have a major impact for a long time to come.
  13. Just a kindly reminder from a fellow "head" out West:

    As one who considers himself to be somewhat familiar with natural phenomena - (having endured numerous earthquakes, forest fires, free love, and that whole 60's thing) I can honestly say that my experience, as a long time resident of the "golden"* state, has taught me that, even though some activities may prove to be quite rewarding when performed in cunjuction with "Ma Nature's Monthly"**, (sometimes even creating bonds that last a lifetime) it is ALWAYS in the best interest of whoevershallsoforth choose to participate in such activities to NEVER lose sight of the fact that "it's not nice to fool Mother Nature". In other words:
    "Don't mess with da bitch when she's in heat". You guys out there in tornado alley, don't go out there hotdoggin it wit your camcorders, just to get us a shot if it don't seem safe, or something doesn't feel right. "We believe you"!!! We don't need to see a clip of "the one that got away" if it means risking your safety. A little bit of common sense goes a long way...
    Just a bit of advice from the "Shake'nBake" State.

    *Oficially known as The Golen State, I have, during the typing of this post, decided that "Shake'nBake" is far more appropriate.

    **(I just thought of that one,, where'd I put that bong)....
  14. ...actually, it IS kinda golden out here come around sunset... ....but it usually tends to vary into either a dark orange merangue.....or a rosy hued amber.... or sometimes a kind of semi-opaque murky brown, depending on your proximity to the Interstate...
  15. *##((())))ToKe((())))##*

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