Tornado Warnings in MA

Discussion in 'General' started by drumdude, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. It's pretty rare to find a tornado in Mass...but I guess they spotted some funnel clouds out in Western everyone's under a tornado watch.

    Stay safe fellow MA Blades:wave:
  2. It's nuts! I'm just north of the storm in VT, but I'm following it on the news. There was a tornado in New Hampshire just a few weeks ago, and a few days prior to that we had some sort of weird microburst in our neighborhood that caused 80mph winds and lots of destruction.

    So strange!
  3. We get these things a lot down here in Bama. Destroying stuff happens, but usually the mountain area breaks the tornado up. What is the terrain like up there?
  4. We NEVER get tornado warnings here.

    Shit, in my city there was two apperantly.

    Who here lives in mass? Let us get together and smoke for peace and freedom. haha
  5. There's a lot of hills and such, and it's heavily populated. That's why it's so rare to get tornados/warnings here. It's not like southwestern states were it's flat and there's wide open fields for miles.
  6. Run for your lives!
  7. Shit, there was a tornado in New Hampshire a few weeks ago? I don't even know what goes on in my own state.

    But all morning and afternoon at work, you could hear the storm inching closer in with a few faint booms. But I type this right now and you can just feel it in the air. It's abuzz. There have already been a few loud cracks and you just know that it is going to break out real damn soon.

    Yep, one just shook my eardrums and the sky is on fire.
  8. We always get at least a few every year around here. I don't think we've had one since the town I grew up in was destroyed earlier this season.

  9. Yeah... it happened in Epsom. A house got flattened, and someone died. Really weird shit for New England.

  10. I drove through it last week or so. crazy man. mad trees down and everything.
  11. Yeah, the NH tornado actually happened in my Aunt's town! I was visiting her at the time, but we were away at camp. I saw all the destruction when we came back.. it was weird, a lot of trees, shrubs, etc. were torn to shreds or down, but the houses were fine. There was this one house I saw that had all the trees around it knocked down, but they still had their white picket fence up.
  12. yah this is the second time in a week im not to concerned, im going to see the pineapple express and we will be fine
  13. Okay, I think I just heard the loudest thunder ever heard in all of history. It lasted for at least 30 seconds and the entire sky felt like it was falling down. You could just here it rolling for miles and miles.

    I fucking love storms, especially blazing on some Alaskan Thunderfuck.
  14. oh hell yea.

    Last week that shit was happening atleast twice a day.

    The ground shook for a good while, rumbling and shit.

    Scary stuff... thought terrorist had come to get me, plus I was blazed haha.
  15. I dont know about you guys ( cas i didnt read ne 1 cept the op) but im scared as fuk, tornados nd shit, thats fukkin crazy, think about all the outdoor crops that could be "tornadoed"............:(
  16. i had heard about them from my mom...keeping me updated on what im coming home to when i move...we *mass* had a tornado warning a few years ago 5? the warnings are one thing, its when they actually touch down thats soo sick of crazy where im at, itll start out sunny then go all thunder and boom and then sunny again or some shit...flooding and destruction...i just want ONE good fuckin day....too much to ask??

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