Tornado warning!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Nathan, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. Yay...... Not really. Anyone else have one?
  2. Yeah I am in Wisconsin too. They kept going on and off but one never ever comes.

  3. Ohhh. Yay Wisconsin.
  4. Its just hot here.
  5. We got one on the news, IL here, cold front is suppost to move in and it's pretty warm out right now..
  6. We got one in MI too but it looks fine....
  7. yeahh wisconsin!!
  8. Shit floating around in the toilet.
  9. I see them stupid things in Oklahoma all the damn time...well just 4 times, but would rather not, I do love strong lightning storms, rain.... good time to just sit in my car... smoke one
  10. dude go take pics!!!!1

    i live in colorado and we had a small EF 1 hit a local mall on sunday.

    i hopped in my car and chased the storm for a good hour! it was so fucking sick. i saw a huge funnel but it never touched down again. i was almost under wall cloud at one point.

    its so much fun storm chasing, this storm was so huge that people were chasin it for a while.

    it seemed like the further east i got(closer to the storm) the more people i saw parked on the side of the road with cameras and such.

  11. it was really bad here in adrian for about 10 minutes... then it was ok

  12. Yeah dude it fucked up that mall pretty bad. The movie theater there had one of its theaters collapse in.

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