Tornado chasing or Japan?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lord_voltan, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. I have a question, I have the chance to go on either a two week trip to Japan(I've been there twice already and love it) But I have the chance, for ruffly the same price to go on a Storm Chasing tour for the same amount of time.
    Both trips would be fine with me, I've taken Japanese for over 6 years now, and I'm going to school to hopefully one day be a storm chaser my self.

    Heres a list of the pros and cons I have come up with for each trip
    - Ridiculously fun
    - Able to get top of the line electronics
    -Can drink there and the clubs are awsome
    -Best ramen I have had.
    -Cute women
    -1:1 airsoft guns w/o the orange tips like here
    -Wouldn't wanna try to find/can't smoke bud there/Its expensive anyway(like 3000yen per g thats like $30usd)
    -Lots of spending cash needed
    -Been there twice, so I've already seen a lot of stuff there
    -most of the time would be spent shopping
    -would be on my own(as opposed to last time where it was a trip with my Japanese Sensei and class)

    Storm Chasing
    -Storm Chasing
    -Tornadoes and sever weather.
    -Great experience and chance to make connections
    -Did I mention a chance to see a tornado?
    -Can smoke pot while stopped for the night/bud brownies
    -Chance to see a tornado while ripped!


    -Might not see a tornado
    -Lots of driving(multi state crossings)
    -Some would say its dangerous(Im not to worried about that)
    -time spent vs time seeing very proportional
    -Chance of coming across trashed communities and not being able to help.

    I dounno Its a hard choice. Either way I'm going to have fun, what do you guys think.
  2. JAPAN. If you've already been there a couple of times you know how to have fun. The states would just be boring.
  3. The states would just be boring this is true, but a fucking tornado! Normally I would be there in Japan again in a second, but the chance of seeing a monster twister barreling through the plains. Watching trees ripped up and thrown like a missile, or a barn being blown apart....I think I just got a hard on.
    On the other hand I still haven't seen Tokyo Tower, Mt.Fuji, Akihabara, and theres some places I want to revisit. like Shinjuku and Umeda.
  4. Amsterdam. the canals are awesome, original art masterpieces, friendly people, beautiful women, open-minded police, the red light district, grow shops, freakin' great coffee, and coffeeshops :smoke:

    you might not get to see a tornado
  5. Im saving Amsterdam for when I can get there during the Cannabis Cup.
    This trip is centered during the late spring/early summer months

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