Torn.. what to pickup?

Discussion in 'General' started by QualiD, Oct 23, 2014.

  1. after bombarding myself with strong indicas, I decided to pick up some nice sativa in the morning..
    either platinum blue dream or green crack for sativa choice..
    only problem is same dispensary has this amazing looking indica purple kush that's crazy looking..
    do I follow my connoisseur instincts and snatch up the oddity, or wait it out?
    quite the conundrum.. torn, really.
    both flowers are high grade/top shelf, the kush is potent indica, others are potent sativas.
    thoughts? and before you ask, I'm a 'baller-on-a-budget' so there's no way I'm getting
    both in one pickup this time around. :lol:

  2. Forget the oddity and chase that Sativa stone with the platinum blue dream.

    Thats my vote on the matter.
  3. You should go for something more sativa dominant though.

    Any durban poison, super silver haze something like that there?
  4. Blue dream or green crack are some of my favorites, I lean towards blue dream for flavor.
  5. candy jack herer, trainwreck, ak-47, lambs bread, orange kush, pineapple express, banana og, or strawberry haze
  6. Awh too bad about the whole budget thing o; so much good stuff
    i think the jack and the ak47 are the highest testing sativas.. but blue dreams is calling my namee.
  8. Yeah the Blue Dream suppose to be the whole package of excellent body stone, cerebrals, and flavor.
    i'll be sure to post my pickup in the morning.. i wish i had a better camera tho lol
  10. Really is quite the conundrum. My condolences OP...stay strong, you will get through this
  11. Id go with that purple kush

    It looks like something I wouldnt want to miss
  12. Go with the purple kush! You can get blue dream or green crack anytime. Plus purple kush is better than those two anyways.
  13. I'm Nat gonna Lie, you should definitely pick up a Imbruglia strain.

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