Torn - Choosing a Bong?

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  1. OK, so currently im searching the vast online market for a new glass on glass binger

    Im looking to spent $150-200$

    i want a good sized bong with glass on glass joints preferablly with an ice catcher, and preferablly a straight tube bong, doesnt have to be though (also planning to buy an ashcatcher)

    but for those of you who have purchased a bong online can know it can be very intimidating, tons of choices!

    Im currently deciding between

    RooR blue range 500 - this is your basic straight tube roor, good maker, strong classic design, also would purchase an ashcatcher with this price $100$ for bong + 40 for ashcatcher

    RooR Minimaster bong - smaller than the 500, w/ icecatcher, $150$

    Magic Glass range - Not sure which bongs exclusively, possible the graffity range wiht ice catcher? please tell me if you have experience iwth these pipes

    G-Spot glass range - Would probably buy the ice catcher G-SPot $150$ or the 90$ "bamboo" glass bong

    Please, anyone with any experience with these pipes, please post your thoughts. Anyone else, which bong should i get? i really am torn and i need my grasscity friends to come to the rescue
  2. My vote is for the ROOR blue series 500, it's a nice smoke for sure, like all ROORs, and its moderate in heaight (1.2 ft) for the price. The G-Spot bong is $115, not 150 (unless we're talking shipping which is free since its over 99$). I just don't think the g-spot bongs compare with ROOR craftmanship. I don't know much about magic glass, and I'd get a bigger ROOR over a smaller.
  3. ROOR Minimaster.. Looks cooler i think, slightly thicker glass and ice pinches.

    and FYI, an ashcatchers gonna set ya back way more than $40.. unless you not getting roor
  4. id rule out g-spot, and the roor blue range, and id probably go for the minimaster, so its a bit smaller, even then not by much, plus the glass is thicker

    Edit: a lil sister roor ice master is also in your price range, it has ice catcher, and has beaker bottom so its volume is bigger than the roor blue range bong
  5. dont waste your money on an ashcatcher. get a nice RooR (have one myself and LOVE it), get a RooR, if it doesnt have a difuser (sp?) then spend the extra $ on that. Ashcatcher will help keep it clean but often the smoke gets caught in it, harder to clear and it becomes stale faster etc all in all waste of money IMO. all glass on glass RooR with difuser is the way to go:D
  6. Get a bizzong! :):hello:

  7. hahahahaha i know man

    but which one !?!?
  8. no one can decide what YOU should pick what you like i am torn btw 300 bucks, there's a beautiful JBD at a local headshop with my name on it:D
  9. I've seen this new maker. They call themselves BooBTubes. They have designes almost exactley like roor, but way cheaper since they aren't name brand. They use 5mm pyrex glass. They are sort of copies, but not cheap copies. I hear good things. Heres a pick I found.

  10. So a knockoff ROOR is a BOOB? If so thats funny as hell.
  11. lol, kinda funny coincedence.:)
  12. im in the same position same price everything think im gonna go minimaster though i dont like the yellow label i was on had some sick shit 3.2mm green ice notches platinum ice noteches but found out they dont ship to US ugh o well the minimaster on weedcity is red label though i think and i can customize it i might go that way idk
  13. ILLADELPH - Got one in September and no regrets.
  14. i was also considering the 500ml but have totally ruled it out about a week ago just want 3.2 or more 1-1.5 ft(live with rents need to hide it) 18.8 for sure and im pretty sure the weedcity price is cheaper then hope this is a help
  15. There are some very nice shops in NY, I would take your money there and get what you can. You won't be disappointed.

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