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torn chest muscle makes smoking hurt like hell

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by modern-hippy, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. hey i was bench pressing the other day, followed by some ATV riding over very bumpy rocky surfaces. Long story short I ended up severly fucking up my right upper chest muscle and it FUCKING HURTS! moving in certain positions or breathing in at times can be unbearble. I've snuck in a few big bong rips and it doesnt actually hurt too much to take the hit, but oh man... if i cough it sucks. I'm heading over to the medical clinic at 2:00 to use their volcano vaporizor.... that'll help me a lot (I'm cool with them and they let me come just to chill or use their shit) So yeah... If you guys have anymore ideas as to how i can get high without it hurting as much please feel free to post ideas. (i have already considerderd making brownies or something. so yeah...this sucks. pain sucks
  2. Make some brownies, or some fire crackers.
  3. Put up with the pain pussy....
  4. yes... but when the pain becomes so sharp it actually prevents me from taking a breath of air, or sleeping it kinda sucks. had to have a shot of painkillers in my ass cheek yesterday by the nicest nurse. Kinda cute too :)
  5. hmmm did you actually tear the muscle? if you just damaged it, try drinkin a few protien shakes to help the healing process.
  6. dont be like that lol it sounds quite bad..

    i was coughing up a lung full the other day when smoking as i took the hit wrong or something, and yeah it hurt and the tokes after i couldnt manage and coughed more

    chest pains fucking hurt

    yeah go for brownies or something
  7. yeah dude cook that shit
  8. if it is bad, go get some pain meds, vics will be prescribed most likely and you won't even think about smoking.
  9. yeah i know what you're talking about man i cracked 4 ribs on my right side and they cut the muscle alittle bit and it sucked to smoke/sleep/breath. remember though it only gets better

  10. chill he was prob kiddin

    and 'wont even think of smokin' ya right.. viks + weed = nice.. viks alone arent to fun imo =p..
    but i do agree go get em =D

    maybe a joint would be best.. so u dont burn alot and u can get off the joint if it starts to hurt (get off i mean like pull away from lips) .. idk tho ;\
  11. yea we're in the big leagues here. you cant be a bitch about it

    do this, get really nice sticky and take a small bowl hit
    then drink water and take another
    you should be good
  12. i dont mean to be a dick but if you dont think they are fun by themselves, you probably arent eating enough

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