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Discussion in 'General' started by EuropeanVW, Mar 7, 2004.


So, which school should I pick?

  1. School one: Lousy campus, awesome location

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  2. School two: Awesome campus, lousy location

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  1. I thought I had my heart set on going to a school in Boston, but after visiting a campus somewhat nearby the other day, my views have kind of changed.

    So whats all your opinions.

    School 1: Smaller school, not a great looking campus, probably easier curriculum, probably not as great as an education, but in an awesome area.


    School 2: Little bit bigger school, real nice campus, good course curriculum, better school, but in a lousy area with not a whole lot to do.

    What is all your opinions? I'm probably not gonna choose my college based on what all you at the City say, but any ideas would be grateful. :)
  2. Come here. I'm close by. PM me.
  3. PM sent. Close by as in, by Syracuse, or by Boston?
  4. Which ones Boston? Im just wondering, cuz if its number 2 then theres a shit load to do in Boston.

    What school in Boston too?

    Stupid Boston fact, theres 26 colleges in Boston, not including Harvard and MIT which are in cambridge.
  5. Oh my bad, I forgot to mention which was which. The first one is Boston. I assumed most people would think Boston was an awesome area. And the college is Newbury College. About 800 students or something like that. Not actaully in Boston, but Brookline. But still, its like a mile from it.

    The other one, if anyone cares, is Utica College. Located about an hour or so from Syracuse.
  6. the first sounds like the choice to me

    easier curriculum, great location, lots to do. does the appaerence of the campus realy matter as long as you are learning what you went there to learn and having fun
  7. It'd be a nice area, but I wouldn't get as good as an education, most likely.
  8. id go with school 2, just because my education means alot to me, and thats what schools are for, so if you think thats the better go with it
  9. lousy area is where the abandon building and the drugs are at lol
  10. Go to the second dude, 800 kids is like high school......Id think youd want the real college experience, and imagine all the other hook ups youll find at the bigger school
  11. haha I'm still growen my collage funds.. ill let ya know when i get there ;)

  12. Yeah, the other one isn't huge though. And ones in a smaller town, the other is in Boston. Hmmm, I bet theres mad hookups there. Plus, I already got a hookup in Boston.
  13. soo are you choosing the onein boston then?
  14. Not necisarily. Just making a point. I still got a while to think about it.
  15. All I know is going to a school with 800 people would probably suck. If the other place has more to do and is a better school education-wise, I'd stick to that. Plus it's closer; less of a hassle. I'm sure you can find shit to do there, how big is the student population?
  16. Boston can be a fucking blast. And im like half an hour away :p

    Where you at now?

    And are these the only schools your considering?
  17. I can't imagine going to a school with only 800 people. There were over 2000 kids at my high school. I'd choose the bigger one. Actually, I'd probably choose #2 or look at more colleges.
  18. Personally, I would rather go to school #2. Usually campuses in lousy areas have a fantastic social life on and around campus. I went to a small school in northern Iowa for a year and had the best time ever. We had the greatest parties and fantastic hookups.

  19. Utica College (the 2nd one) is about 2000 students, still not huge by any means. But at the 1st one, just cause the school I'm at has 800 students, that doesn't mean that Boston College, Boston U, Harvard, Northeastern, etc., don't have thousands of other students (all of which are a few miles away).

    Yeah, Boston is such an awesome area. Where about are you at?

    I'm in Syracuse, NY right now. Upstate. And as of now these are basically the only schools I'm considering. Another possibility is Niagara University, but it would be alot more expensive, and I'm not sure if I even want to go there.
  20. Im in a town right by Lowell. So its not a long drive, even with some decent Boston traffic. (which has been calmed down since the big dig tunnel thing opened) and theres always the train.

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