Torchlight vs Bastion

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  1. So I want to get a Xbox Live Arcade RPG... I own or at least have checked out most of the older titles, but it's been a while since I've looked into the XBLA. New games have came out since I last fucked with it.

    Right now the best options look to be either Torchlight or Bastion. They both seem different enough so I guess it's not entirely fair to compare the two.. but I can only get one, so I ask you to do it anyway.

    Which of these two games is funner and offers the most RPG elements? The more RPG-esque, the better. The more content included, the better. Story itself is good but I don't care too much about it, I'm more concerned with gameplay and customization
  2. Torchlight's gameplay well... it's quite similar to Diablo 2. Socket your armor and weapons with gems you find, enchant pretty much anything, LOTS of cool loot, badarse boss's and its quite immersive.

    [ame=]Torchlight Xbox 360 HD gameplay - YouTube[/ame]
  3. Yeah I went ahead and got Torchlight. It's pretty good.. it basically feels like Diablo II for the xbox, with some things being simplified of course. The only things I have bad to say about it is that the difficulty is a little on the easy side. I went with normal mode though there's a hard and very hard mode. I'm about halfway through it and I haven't come close to death once and I'm overstocked on health potions. Also there's a shit ton of different types of loot so it's sorta overwhelming. I don't always feel like stopping and comparing what I picked up to what I have equipped every 10 seconds

    The achievements are all pretty easy too which I guess is good. It looks like I'll have 200/200 by the time I finish the game. There's only one that seems like it will be mildly difficult to get

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