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  1. What type of gas do you use and why? Generally how long does it last you and how much you spend.
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    Don't mean to be rude bud, but sounds like you are looking for a google search. I will answer though. I use butane because im using a glass nail. propane just heats too fast for me. A can will last me 2 weeks or so. I spend 6 dollars a can.
    Edit: Mostly say try google because this specific sub-forum moves very very slow.
  3. I've used many methods myself and while I appreciate you trying to be helpful I'm looking for thoughts/concerns and logic behind use of that said gas. I'm looking for opinions and facts.
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    Uh...theres not much to say about the different fuels. What methods are you talking about? Lol, theres butane, propane, and i guess you could include mapp gas. Butane burns cooler, so it takes longer to heat, but it also reduces the risk of over heating. Butane is much more expensive. Propane is cheap, heats your nail quickly, but the hotter temps increase likelihood of overheating your nail, which can break glass and oxidize Ti very quickly. Mapp gas is basically everything good/bad about propane but magnified. IMO MAPP gas has absolutely no place in dabbing. Shit burns retardedly hot.
  5. i use one of those big blue propane cans with a blow torch tip
    qtz nail
  6. I've heard of Mapp gas, butane, propane, vector torches, etc

    Out of those which is the best all the way around. Reading through forums can lead to unorthodox information. I've heard propane is dangerous and to stay with butane. I've heard mapp is the way to go. I've heard vector torches is alright but takes a while. I don't understand why you are all acting to superior, we don't know the long term health effects of this, that's why I'm asking. Better to be safe than sorry.
  7. I dont think anyones acting superior. Its more so that this topic has been discussed plenty of times before, and your asking for detailed info that is already posted elsewhere.
    Scroll down, under the similiar topics there is a discussion on this.

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