Torch Tubes

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  1. any one know where i can get a torch tube for under 1000 bux. any one i have ever seen for sale is well over 1000. they are the bongs that have a built in torch they are refillable with butane.
  2. lol. Nowhere.

  3. If there was torch tubes for even close to $1,000 everyone would already know haha, I think clear ones are like 3K minimum
  4. They are that expensive for a reason. If everyone had one, there would be alot of accidents with them and lawsuits. By making them at a premium, only bosses that truly want one and will take extreme care can afford them. Therefore lowering liability. Sometimes I think people forget that pipes are illegal and these guys want to stay under the radar. No one wants another operation pipe dreams...
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    The pipes aren't illegal... The whole glass industry is above ground... They are illegal once smoked out of and are therefor paraphernalia. Blowers have no liability as to what the customers do with their product after its out of their hands.

    The thing about operation pipe dreams was that they shipped over the 1 of the 3 state's borders which don't allow it(Penn., Idaho, and Utah I think)
  6. ok thanks guys i got enough info.
  7. you gotta sign a waver when you get could just get a torch though.. i think they are still well over a grand though

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