Torch suddenly stopped working, still sparks

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by Hypnotix, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. It worked about 5 minutes before I purged it and refilled it. Waited 10 minutes before I tried to use it and now it doesn't light. It is still sparking and I can hear the gas coming out.

    I've tried adjusting the airflow and flame size, and I moved the igniter spark closer to the nozzle and nothing has worked. It's a Newport torch.
  2. Shake around the torch and check to see if its out of butane.
  3. It can't be I just refilled it. Was working before I refilled it and I made sure to purge it.
  4. Well it can't be extreme temps because you wouldn't be in there lol. Although once my torch got freezing cold and stopping firing and the next day it warmed up and worked again. Torchs are very weird. Right now mine has a plastic piece loose in it making a unconformable rattling noise when I fire it up it sounds like it could explode. My torch scares people.
  5. ^ hopefully it won' explode lol.

    Mine is working now, not sure why but at least it does.
  6. Torchs are weird.

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