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torch ran out, best way to smoke my hash oil

Discussion in 'Toking Tools Q&A' started by moea23, Apr 1, 2014.

  1. Just go and get high on life bro come onnnnnnnn

    I Smoke weed 4/20-7 😎
  2. Put bud in a bowl, put wax/oil on bud, use lighter or hempwick to light and simply smoke😁

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  3. I've never actually hot knifed before but my understanding is that you use the coils of a stove to heat the knives red hot. Idk if a lighter would be able to get them hot enough. Theoretically I guess a hair straightener could work to heat the nail
  4. Soldering iron

    Eyes like Mr.Miyagi 🐉
  5. An older post and I hope you got those oil hits all nice! [​IMG]
    For future reference when I was out of green and had oil I just rolled up a little ball of rolling paper to put in the bottom of my glass pipe just enough to fill the hole (And have it not fall through when you haul) and then I ripped a little square and lined the bottom of the bowl with the lil square and dropped my dab on it via heating it up on a bobby pin and dripping it onto the square piece and then putting another little square directly on top of the dab making a oil paper sammich and when you first take a hit the access paper burns off and the oil soaks into all the paper (Don't get to shy with the rollies remember the oil will soak it but if there isn't enough paper to absorb it then it will melt into the pipe and side of your bowl) and when that toke cashes just throw a few little squares of rollies on top of that and start it all over again and after a few bowls of this oil + paper mix it makes it's own little ash bed and eventually you can just drop the oil on the ash but my personal preference is to use the squares even when there is ash to ensure when you blaze the oil it will be more a toke than moving your oil from your vial to the bottom of your pipe lmaao
    It may gross some people out taking the first hit cause of the paper but I found this to be the most effective way when you don't have a rig and torch around lol happy high times and have a dope night! It's 2:14 am here in BC [​IMG]
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    My friend jus called me yesterday askin the same question. He said his GF was about to take a dab and she spilt a cup of water on the torch.....and it wouldnt ignite anymore.[​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. cut an empty milk jug in half, use this by inhaling at the lid and when u touch the knives to the dab, hold just inside of the cut jug. it works. been do that for years
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