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  1. Ive tried a couple times but i cant figure out how to install tor. If anyone here knows please explain how to do it...btw i really dont have any computer skills so explain it like youre talking to a 5 year old
  2. If you can't figure out how to do it then you don't deserve to be on there.
  3. I'm on there it's easy as fuck.
  4. Yeah, it's pretty fuggin' easy.
  5. What operating system are you running? I'll help you out
  6. Why do you think that?
  7. Bandwidth.
  8. Its bad because of bandwidth? Like it uses too much of your bandwidth? Or do you mean Tor is too slow?
  9. If you want to use it for the web, the easiest thing to do is download the Tor Browser Bundle. It's a self-contained package that runs Tor and Firefox together.
  10. exactly what aetherlung said

    download the browser bundle, and then just open it and it does it for you lol.
  11. Downloading and using Tor will immediately put you on someone's child pornography watch list.
  12. I meant because Tor is slow. I can't benefit from my 50Mbps connection using Tor.

    But yes, participating in the network does also use additional bandwidth because other people's traffic is being routed through your computer.
  13. Not necessarily. In fact, I'm pretty sure this is disabled by default. You have to enable routing before Tor will route traffic through you.
  14. Oh of course not, Tor has gotten faster and now its just barely bearable for me, but when you need anonymity it is one of the best choices out there, especially free services.

    Thats disabled by default like aetherlung said
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    It's slower than IE and that's fucking slow
  16. IE is an internet browser and Tor is an anonymity network...
  17. Very cool that it is disabled by default, I didn't expect that since expanding their network by default has obvious advantages. I like honest software :D
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    I meant firefox when using it, my bad everyone makes mistakes
  19. why do u want Tor?

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