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  1. anybody seen theese?upside down growing apparatus originaly for tomatos.(could it be converted to refer?)we made some homemade ones outta old soda bottles and just stuck"em in tree limbs.takes a lil while to find right tree limbs but its worth it.:smoke:im high as hell-peace:D
  2. so it works is wut ur sayen? cuz i know the potsy turvey thing is a piece of shit
  3. honestly dont know.I see'em alot but never tried'em.any plant should be able to grow upside down though i friend managed to.
  4. This questions asked 2 times a week, hit bye search button pleaseeee, but to answer your question, yes it works, but no it doesn't increase the yield, it actually decreases the yield. It's not worth it
  5. This is always being asked, but I have yet to see pics from anyone who has done it.
  6. I first of all wonder why anyone would want to grow tomatoes upside down...let alone ganja.

    Secondly, tomato plants are vines, they will grow in pretty much any direction. The weight of the fruit and the long, not so woody stems is probably what keeps the plant from fighting against gravity and trying to grow in its natural direction.

    I suspect that marijuana will grow toward the light and the stem will begin pointing up even if the roots are hanging up above. I frankly can't imagine what benefit you (or anyone who bought into the advertising) hope to gain from this.

    I'd love to see a mature plant that grew in one of these apparatuses.

  7. I saw one in the indoor section

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