Topsy turvy grow?

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  1. So next year I plan on doing a Topsy turvy grow with a indica plant idk it seems like it would work I've done it with tomatoes before and I noticed the tomato plant kind of twisted in to a spiral and the tomato buds were all pointed towards the sun you think it would work with a weed plant? What concerns do you think I would run into?
  2. I was actually thinking of doing a Topsy Turvy this year but decided not to. I decided not to because the turvy has about 1 foot by 6 inches of grow space. I felt it wouldn't grow as quick.
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    Yeah but it hold quite a bit of soil I mean a tomato plant grew and produced so I dont see why it would do the same I'm for sure going to do it look for the grow log lol!
  4. It totally possible, check it out! :D

  5. Ill keep my eye out haha. I'd love to see how it grows, even better how it tastes :D
  6. Yeah id say go Turvy by that picture! Nice trees!
  7. as awsome as it looks, i dont think i understand the advantage of using the topsy turvy. To me, itd just make your plants more noticable
  8. Haha. I did a tomato topsy turvy... Worst tomatos I've ever grown. I could have gotten the same quality from the grocery store.
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    I'm for sure doing that!

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