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    The plants been in veg 4 about 4 week and now its been on 12/12 for 1 week.all the tops of the plants are yellow. the bottom of the plants are fine.when i got the clones thay had hairs already on tham so im not sure if this is why.

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  2. Thee are no obvious signs of nute burn, perhaps you have a deficiency. Are you fertilizing, and if so, how much? Wouldn't be too concerned yet. If the yellowing continues down the plant, get back to us.
  3. whats nute burn?im not sure what u mean by deficiency.yes i been fertilizing.i got sensi bloom part a and b but i dont think thats why there yellowing cause i just did this 3 month ago and im doing the same thing now.its just yellow where its growing on the u think is because thay had hairs on tham when i got the clones 5 weeks ago
  4. How close to the lights were they? I left a 600w 3 inches above mine and got the same look. I think ist just bleached out a bit.
  5. i got 1000wt hps eye bulbs and there about 24inchs high. its just the new growth on the tops thats comeing out yellow.

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  6. mine do the same thing... I think it's a new growth thing. There's no way I nute burn mine. Keep nutes at 1/2 of what the directions call for and just give them to the plant ever 4-5 days.

    Not a bad idea to give them water w/o nutes inbetween and a proper flushing here or there!

  7. i gave tham food the first day thay whent into flowering.i been feeding tham sensi bloom 2 parts.starting at 800 ppm.i give tham food once a week and water 3 days later in the same week.i done this befor the same way and erveything worked out great.i just dont understant why the new growth is coming out yellow and thay look so sad.5 weeks ago when i got the clones thay had hair on tham do u think this is why there yellowing.about 5 hours after the lights go on the plants leefs start standing back up and than thay dont look as sad but still bright yellow
  8. dose any 1 no why this is happening??:confused:
  9. By your answer, we can eliminate nutrient burn. If you haven't been feeding regularly, they may have a nitrogen deficiency. Give them nutes at 1/3 or 1/2 stregnth once a week or so and see if that doesn't help solve your yellowing problem. I don't think lighting is the cause either.
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    ok thanks i will try this
  11. Has anyone ever had this happen to tham???

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