Tops of plants bending over

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  1. The tips of my plants are bending over and I'm stumped on why. I don't think they are underwatered because if I stuck my finger into the soil it's still moist at about an inch down.

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  2. what size pots

    more info is good
  3. You hear the ominous music in the back round?

    That could be wilt........Cause by root issues. If so, say good bye.

    Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, good bye.

    If it is, over the next few days it will only get worse. One branch, followed by the entire plant. If that is the problem, the only chance to save will be cutting back on the watering big time.

    Hope I am wrong. Hard to tell from just one picture.
  4. Or....... lol

    That size pot in a 5 gallon in the sun....... Bet you 20 to 1 odds you transplant that in the heat of the day, and the soil will cook your hands.

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