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  1. ok, im lookin to start flowering my plants once they reach about 15 inches tall. but i want to have at least 5 or so toppings. whats the best way to do this? and will it effect my yield? 

  2. Train them. LST its called. Much better then the topping

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  3. If you want to top you will stop the plants growth for 2 weeks and cut the top after you grow 3 nodes

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  4. can u elaborate on "training" ? im really new at this so dont look down at me just yet
  5. You bend the plant and branches around (ushally spread out and down)
    and tuck fanleaves around to expose light to the inside of the plant and where ever is needed.

    Use a wide metal hook or yarn around the last node or two (not tied around the stalk!) and bend it over gently. Make sure you pull on the base of the plant in the opposite direction, with sutiable hook or yarn. This prevents damage and tension to your roots. Basic technique.
    I do this in a circle, like just rotating the plant around to expose light to the center. I just let the plant resume regular growth once all the branches are above the fanleaves and become a nice canopy. Then I use some heavy fishing lures to weigh down the branches, spread them out.
    And this is a slow process, dont rush it.

    Their is a whole section on plant training. Better learning guides and examples of training.
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  6. thanks man. helpful tip. i will try this when the time comes for it. my babies are still small atm
    You can snip off the top of the plant or just bend it over. That causes more branches to grow, which should be tied down causing even more branching. Here's an example:
    9j3uqe.jpg 29fxx51.jpg 11gj150.jpg mrwr5t.jpg H1zCeTl.jpg
    The screen isn't necessary, but this gives you an idea of what can be done just by tying down your plant.
  8. im thinking of using the screen, if anything, unless i have to tie it down. but stopping it from growing up causes more branches? how so/?
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    Yes, the more light you give to the lower nodes, the faster those branches will grow.
  10. alright, i have a reflector sheet all the way around everything, it seems like the light is lighting the entire plant up. is this helpful or do i still need to bend her over
  11. It will help, but not like training would.
  12. ok so ill get on it asap! thanks guys!

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