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  1. I would like someone to tell me how tall my plant should be before i top it, and the proper toping technique, in detail would be great, thanks
  2. Come on is anyone gonna help me!!! my plants getting bigger and bigger..need some advice!!!
  3. I will tell ya that I really don't know how to top a plant, but I should 'cause I topped mine twice. Thing is, I had a buddy do it. I tried to get it and he tried to show me, but my room is a little crowded and I couldn't get a good view. Look at the top of the plant where ya want it to split. There should be four pistils or what ever ya call 'em. All I know is that ya just pinch off, or cut off two of them. The plant will fork right there. Now you can tell that I really don't know that much about it, but I got some bad ass plants, so I know that my buddy does. Seeing it done is the best way to learn. I'll tell ya, I didn't know anything about what I was doing when I first started which was not that long ago. I was fortunate enough to find this site right off. Big Papa Puff and Ndicabud gave me the most helpful information,(moderators)but I noticed that nobody responded to your questions. I thought I would at least say something to try to help ya out. If nobody answers, it kinda ruins the whole idea behind the site. Hey man, Good luck.
  4. thanks guys all i really need to know know his how high mine should be...i don't have alot of room height wise...but enough width wise....i guess i'll just wait till its about a foot tall and give it a try.
  5. top it anywhere above the fourth node. go to the edge and check the faqs there are a lot of different techniques listed there.
  6. dont cut it at one foot

    thats really pinner

    you are going to have to prune off all the shoots at the bottom anyway
    because they wont be good..

    cut at like.. between 20-24" .. thats if you have space restraints.. like buddy said.. you flower for until you have the starting of the cola.. then nip off the top internode..

  7. Sorry for being neive, but what exactally is topping?
  8. as long as it is above 8 in and has at least 4 nodes youll be fine
  9. when (and if) i top i always do it early, while isn't still under a foot tall.
  10. no point in topping if your restricted in growth space (height wise) you may as well train the plant sideways.
    check out the growing guide at
    good luck

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