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  1. Is topping a better way of producing bud than letting it grow tall or is there a difference.and when is the best time to start topping the plant. I have two plants and they both are doing well. the first one I planted is smaller than the one I planted after. And the 1st one is bushy also. why is that. is something wrong with my 1st one
  2. one is probably a male, the other female. Or they could be from two different strains.

    If this is your first grow I recommend not to top. Learn all you can about growing them and what not to do about killing them. After you get through the first grow and feel good about your abilities to grow and maintaing healthy viable plants, then you can start other techniques to enhance your yield and potentcy.
  3. so you think the one that isnt growing tall is a male they are from the same strain. what strain I cannot tell you but they came from the same plant as seeds
  4. When one plant jumps up in height over the others, Its usually a male. But not always. Keep an eye on it and tell us what happens.

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