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  1. So Ive read a bit on topping and have a few questions.

    I am about 1.5 weeks into 12/12 and im getting a bit too close to the light. I have run out of room on my LST and dont want to cover any other branches.

    I dont have any preflowers yet and think I should probably top it.

    First, is it too late to top even though I dont have preflowers?

    Also, if I top it, can I try planting that to start a second small plant or is that just a waste?
  2. Yeah, you could top it, but I wouldn't recommend it, since you're already in flowering. Yes, you can use the top cutting as a clone. You will lose a lot of your potetial yield if you top it now.
  3. Instead of topping any chance you can attempt to tie it down to get it out of the light.

  4. I have already been doing LST, and it just keeps getting bigger.

    Im pretty much at potential for size, unless I start tying it down to something other than my container, which I might need to do.

    I dont want to hurt my yield or put any extra stress on the plant.
  5. I have topped in similar circumstances and it worked out but I wouldn't consider it ideal. No reason you couldn't at least try to get the top you chop off to take root. It may not work but it would be work a shot.

  6. I ended up on my last grow (it was a male experiment I was running) tying it to the base of my cabinet to bring it down. It ended looking like a lightning bolt (think vertical zigzag) but it stayed out of my bulbs.

    Just a thought. Before topping it though do some searches on topping/cloning while in flowering and the chances of creating a hermi.

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