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  1. OK To top a plant dont u just have to cut off the top growth, and this doesnt affect the yield? And also at what age or height do u top your plants?Mine is about 10 in tall but i buried the stem 2 or 3 in so is it ok to top it now.Its out doors and i know that this is indoors im just high and dont feel like writing this again.Thx in advance
  2. why does no one ever anwser my questions.well not ever but almost.i needed to know today before 7 but i guess it can wait till tomorow till i top them if there big enough
  3. Topping,

    How many nodes is the plant at now? to top youl need to top after the 4th or 5th node, what youl need is a sharp razor blade that is clean and sterile, make one nice fast cut just above the node to cut the new growth tips off that will make the plant send out 2 new shoots makin the plant thicker.

    Good luck and sorry didnt respond earlier was in the shop!!


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