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  1. could someone tell me the advantages and disadvantages of topping off a plant, and also when would be the best time to do so?
  2. HI...ive topped plants and ive found some plants take to it and some dont.....toppining or fimming youre plat is suppose to enhance or promote under growth thus making not one big bud but several.....toppig or fimming youre plant slows down groth to the main cola making growth in other places on youre plant BUT ive found sometimes it slows down all the plants growth meaning a shock to the plant. im trying lst for the first time and think its the best training that you can give youre plant..

    laters jay
  3. The genral idea is that several (3-8) smaller buds will produce more than one main cola. And it also helps promote horizontal growth. I'm been looking into femming myself, I'm got some white rhinos I'm going to have to control.

    Maybee sid or somebody can stop in and talk a little more about the apporiate way to do it. I know you're supposed to cut off 80 percent of the growth tips, but as how as exactly where to cut, with pictures and all I'm not sure. There's some pics on overgrow's faq, but I think they're fairly confusing....
  4. Thanks sid. :D

    "fuck I missed" lol.

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