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  1. Is plant 1 Topped appropriately? 1st pic

    Plant 2 ready for topping? 2nd pic

    Plant3 I messed up im sure. Thought I topped but think I just cut stem n height for no reason. X.x

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  2. Kinda early to be topping in my opinion. I prefer above the 4th or 5th node. Can't tell from the image but hopefully you didn't damage the 2 side branches.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
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  3. Minimum should be 3 internodes but I would say 4 unless crazy stretch

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  4. I have done it on the 2nd lateral before

    but in your case a little larger

    would be ideal
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  5. Let it grow 5 or 6 nodes then top to 3rd or 4th depending on if you count the first set of fan leaves or not. Also make sure plant is healthy when you top.
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  6. The third looks ok I would wait a lil longer on the other too unless your rushing
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  7. Small Update!!
    1st Pic Looks like she wants to grow! I honestly didnt think shed grow lraves thinking I cuttem off.

    2nd Pic Responding Well.

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  8. I had already done the attempted topping bout 4 days ago. :/ Wasnt to sure being my first grow if itnwould be okay from it (pic 1). Looks fine tho?
  9. Lst and skip the unnecessary topping
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  10. The undeniable benefit of patience; the first was topped after the third node (too early) and her elder was done after the fifth (just right) - the lesser will catch up but it's gonna be an uphill struggle with this one.
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