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  1. This plant was topped a couple of days ago, at first I thought I cut to much off but a couple days later, I now see some growth. I just want a second opinion on whether I topped these correctly or not.

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  2. I think you fimmed it. It looks like you didnt quite cut far enough down;;When topped it forms a V at the top. I just recently tried to train my plants with top/fim so i could be completely wrong. Hopefully someone else can enlighten;;but thats my best guess!
  3. You're right man It's fimmed. You'll get a similar result so its all good.
  4. alright sweet! as long as it has two heads now :)
  5. Fimming should increase your yield. The nice thing about topping plants is that even if you mess up it usually only helps the plant.
  6. fuck, you missed!

  7. Now you will probably have 3 tops
  8. yeah that looks fimmed to me, i topped 1 of mine and fimmed a few lower places an it has about 7 tops now which are all getting pretty big and heavy they need propping up lol....good times ahead
  9. when topping try and fold down some of the newer growth exposing just the last node on top and get as close to the bottom as possible. i would think its better to not damage the node below so they can grow vigorously instead of having to heal but that will work.

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