Topping , what's it all about?

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  1. So , I've heard of people "topping" their plants. I would like to know; how to do it; why i should or shouldnt; when in growth; what it does;
    Basically just inform me on the whole sha-bang.
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  3. Full tutorial stickied at the top of the Beginners section...
  4. ok so im a noob just like you and i was a little nervous to top cause i didnt want to fuck up my first grow. but it ended up being very simple. what you do is cut the main stem a little bit above the nod. this will cause the plant to sprout 2 stems instead of just one, therefor giving you two large main colas instead of one. i would highly recommend this because its simple and will maximize your yeild. the best time to top is during veg. when to do it in veg is all up to you depending on how long you are vegging and such. i hope this picture helps explain better. good luck !!!

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  5. I think it's very important on an indoor grow. Not only does it give you two colas, but it seems like the side branches grow much faster, so not only do you have the two main tops, but also a bunch of large buds from the side branches. On the plants I didn't top, I got one giant top, but the side branches only produce 1/2 -1/4 sized buds on them compared to the topped ones.
    At first I would only do one or two plants out of the whole grow, because I was scared of hurting the plants. Now I do every one of them as soon as they're ready. I just pinch the tops with my nails, it's super easy! I've learned that MJ is a pretty tough plant, there's nothing to be scared of.

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