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Topping to main-line question.

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Growingaplantisnotacrime, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. So I plan on main-lining and I am wondering if I count the first single leaf as a node. I plan on topping to the second node but not sure if I should count the first single leaf, not the cotyledons but the node above that or if I count the first 3 leave node as my first? Thanks in advance!
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  2. by the time you have 3 nodes it will be more obvious and that is where you should top, right above the the third node, then remove (lollipop) the first 2 nodes, in a perfect world. Mainlining is time consuming and should be done no later than that third, right above node. How you count depends on how imperfect your world is, but it will be obvious when you have a 3rd node to top above.
  3. I dont understand. Do I count the first single serrated leaf as a node or is my first node the one above with three leaves?
  4. Go to growweedeasy and they have a tutorial that is so easy anyone can do it. All will be revealed.
  5. Well i was asking on this site but really wondering what you consider the first true node, single leaf (not cotyledons) or first multi-leaved node?
  6. I will say this again. Go to growweedeasy and they have tutorials with pictures and its so easy to see you cant screw it up unless your as repetitive as this. Not trying to be rude but your asking a question that you expect someone to spoon feed you pics and answers which is what the growweedeasy is.
    Here is the place.
    Nebula's Manifold Tutorial - More Efficient Main-Lining! | Grow Weed Easy

    Maybe someone else will help but I wouldnt count on it. Mainline growing isnt as popular as other types of growing. I DO do it. And this is all the help Im going to provide because following the link should be enough for you to do it yourself. Im outta here. Good luck.
  7. Okay so instead of getting a simple answer on this site i need to dick around on other sites? Im not looking to be spoon fed its a simple question. Do you count your first single leaf as your first true node. Not looking on a step by step, not looking for someone to come to my house and spend the next few weeks training my plants. A simple yes or no will surfice maybe if this question bothers you then you should not answer it. Better yet go spend your time being a dick on your other site.
  8. That link actually does not contain the answer to the question at all. To answer your question though the first location a serrated "weed" leaf grows regardless of if it's a single or double is the first node. The only growth that doesn't count is the cotyledons or seed leafs.

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  9. It all depends on the grower, some count it as the first node some count the 3 leafs as first true node. Ffor me I count the first single leaf as the first node, but don't top as soon as the third pops out. Count the single leaf as the first mode by all means, but wait till it gets to 5/6 nodes before you top, then cut down to the third node.

    I have actually got 5 plants 3 weeks from harvest. I wanted to try mainline so I did on 4 of them and I just topped and supercroped 1. Next time I'll only supercrop! There don't seem to be much difference in size and mainlining takes a lot more work.

    Also make sure to get bamboo sticks, or a tomatoe cage as the plant won't be able to support the weight near finish.
    Here is a post I made the other day when my plants bent over due to the fact I had no support. i went for 8 arms, GL!

    Plants falling over :@
  10. Yes, despite being "unpopular" people are still educated on a topic! I know the link does not have my info because ive read the entire thread which is why I was a little hostile. Thank you jem and weedhead for adding something educational on the thread. I know there is a little debate and was just looking for what other growers use. The proof is in the puddding, right? Some may have better odds counting the single or not, just looking for yea or nah. Only reason im going mainline is for my space and Ive had previous expirence with similar manipulations with other plants.
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    well said. however, I just started mainlining and I rec keeping the second node too(don't lolli). It forms a nice X grow. I forgot what doing this is called--super manifold or ??
    I did this with a scrogg to see if I got a more even canopy. I think it did but it seemed to slow down the process. I know many will say that scrog and manifold are not used together but it really seems like mainlining is aggressive topping with a bit of LST so I don't understand the exclusivity. What am I not understanding. Flame suit on?
  12. There's also another way to manifold that's a modified mainline and slightly faster veg time. You top at the 3rd node, then top each of those at the 3rd node and cut off the 2nd node of those secondary growths, gives you 8 colas with only 2 toppings.

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  13. Mainlining attempts to start that whole plant all from one node. Traditional topping allows many lower nodes and then tops and allows no more nodes. I don't know what just topping the top is called. Some do it endlessly. My experience is mainlining takes more time and does not increase yield but produces very high quality if you hit it right.Now that I'm in hydro I am going to try to mainline these next autos top twice, get 4 tops. By then I'll be in full flower. It's just another way to use light, makes a cool looking plant, variety, doubt you'll find many commercial growers using it.
  14. I think The idea of mainlining is to get the desired amount of tops all equal and the same distance from the base.
    If done correctly there shouldn't be a x shape or any extra tops shooting off. It doesn't matter if you go for 8,16,32 etc the idea is to have them all the same size and the same exact distance from base!
    On gwe.com or 420 you can find nugbuckets original tutorial. Also on gwe.com you can find nebula hazes version where she does it a little different to save time.
    I followed nugs on my current grow but didn't do it properly and let all the shoots shoot up for extra tops. Nearly at harvest but I don't think I'll do it again. I think supercrop and top is less effort and the same results. I did 4 mainline and 1 just top/sc and the sc one is a shrub!
    I'll keep them apart at harvest to see how much I actually get off each.

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