Topping to early?

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  1. My plant has a few nodes now so I wanted to top it but I can't see any growth tips? Are they just small cause it's young still? Should I wait till I can see them more before I top? Or will they just grow faster once I top it? I topped my green crack little later and I could already see growth tips and it's doing great now soo. What you guys think?
  3. Pics bro we love pics
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  4. image.jpg image.jpg Pics from yesterday plants are Doin unreal!

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  5. Absolutely, should've already been topped. We start ours out in Solo cups from rooted clones. They stay in the cups usually around a couple of weeks before transplant into 1 gal. pots. Just as soon as I know they are rooted in in the cup and have started to grow foliage again after the transplant, I go ahead and top them once. After they go into the 1 gal. pots...generally there for a couple of weeks, they get topped again. From 1 gal. they go to a #3 nursery pot and be in those for a couple of weeks and I'll pinch several of the tops while they're in the #3's. By the time I repot them up to the final container they'll flower in a couple of weeks before the light flip, I've got lots of bud sites and it's been done over a period of time so as to not over stress the plant. However, if you're growing your plants under strong enough lighting, you'll get good bud development all the way throughout the plant. With weak lighting or if you crowd too many plants under one light, you only get development in the tops and the undergrowth just turns out to be scrub. While your plant is growing, you should be researching and doing everything you can do to become more familiar with the plant and how it grows and what it needs and when. The more you know, the better you grow. TWW
  6. The big one had already been topped a couple weeks ago I was just letting it recover I was askin more about the little one. I ended up topping the Bigger one for the second time and the smaller one for the first time yesterday I will post pics later today so you guys can see.
  7. Yes I have been researching like crazy and have a buddy who's been growing for over ten years. I was more asking for advice on the little one. The bigger green crack has been topped twice and has 4 main colas as we'll as two from the side that caught up. It's been growing outdoors so I'm not to worried about lighting. The little one is weird it doesn't really have nodes is that just cause of the strain? Il post pics later to show how they looked right after I topped them yesterday.
  8. image.jpg Where are the growth tips???
  9. image.jpg Here's the green crack lookin beautiful. Topped for the second time. You can see where it was topped one on each of the mains stems coming from the original top location
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