Topping super cropping?

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  1. Alright guys my 1 single plant in a dwc bucket is in its transition nutes for 3 days its growing about 2 to 3" a day. How do I top or super crop? I'm not real sure what super crying is I do have an idea from another post though. Can I top a plant that is just 6 weeks old? How would I go about super cropping? Any help is appreciated.
  2. Supercropping has a few different definitions, depending on who you ask. Some say it's an umbrella term for virtually all types of plant training; topping, tying down, crimping, LST, bending, etc. Some claim it just doesn't include topping, and others only call crimping & bending supercropping. Not my favorite word since there are already more precise terms for what you're doing.

    All that's required to top a plant is a node with a growing shoot on it. Personally, I top and leave two nodes on the plant. I then top the two stalks that grow from the top node, leaving one node with two shoots on each.
  3. Do u mean by a node the knots that grow each time leaves come up?
  4. Yep. Nearly all nodes will have a leaf on either side and a shoot growing where each leaf meets the stem.
  5. Oh ok so my plant can I trim it and still bloom next week?
  6. In nearly ideal conditions; strong light, good ferts, proper watering; most plants can be ready to flower a week after topping, at minimum. You just want the side shoots to noticeably jump up and start growing before flowering starts. They each should at least be maybe 1.5"-2" tall imo.
  7. I would suggest trying to FIM your plants as well as top. Fimming is just topping but cutting a hair higher on the new growth. When I FIM, I get 3 to 4 tops instead of 2 when i just top. Sometime you will accidently fim your plants when trying to top them which is where the name is derived (Fuck I Missed).
  8. So just cut the top 3 or 4 leaves off? simply put.

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