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  1. whens the earliest you can top a plant without putting it under to much stress??
  2. i pretty much think the stress will be the same, but how the plant reacts will have to do with its size. Its like asking when does a leg amputation causes less stress. It always sucks, but you will probably take it better in your later years than in your prime... whatever...

    i wouldnt and didnt touch a thing for the first 3 weeks

    Currently on my first grow
    4x39 daylight Osram Fluoros hung up in chains, some old school twist, jeje.
    4 Indicas
    6 Sativas
    .5 g/L of "triple 17 plus" (17-17-17 N-P-K and some micrconutes)
    .5 g/L of "nutriflor" (15-30-15 N-P-K)
    35 days 12-12
  3. Alot of people start topping when the plants get about 1ft tall. It really doesnt matter when you decide to top. If you dont want single stem plant then top at 1ft. Your yield will increase if the plant takes to it well.(Some strain dont like to be topped.)
  4. thanks for the feedback everyone
  5. You can top and FIM way sooner than that. If you wait until the plant is a foot tall, all you are going to end up with is a 2' tall 2 cola plant. Most people say you can start topping, FIMming and LSTing when the plant grows it's 3rd or 4th node.
  6. ok so my plants are on there 4th node so I think ill top them soon. So where exacly should I make the cut?? I dont wanna go to far down or not go down far enough
  7. your better fimming then topping.
  8. so what week is the third or fourth node and can you fim or top while doing LST and what week is that also when fimming you just follow the stem from the bottom and pull out the new growth right or wrong (sorry for the thread steal qz:D )
  9. In fact its quite the opposite. Babies have a strongest healing powers of all humans, since their cell division speed is WAY higher then yours or mine.
    The older you get, the slower your cell devision, the slower the repairs of the body.
    This is why old people are vunerable for infections and stuff.

    Unlike humans, plantseeds are totally depended on themselves in order to grow. No nine months of contruction after fertilization as with humans.

    This is why you should wait with cutting/topping/fimming LST or other forms of 'torture' are the plant starst to make alternating nodes. This is usualy after 2 - 3 weeks.
    Because most people go HUH??? when you say alternating nodes everybody says torture after 2 - 3 weeks.
  10. It doesnt matter when you start topping. The reason why most people wait until the plant is atleast a foot tall is because of the yield. If you let the plant get 1ft rather than top it at 3-4 nodes you will have a considerably lot more yield. But it is really up to you. I wait until 2ft until I FIM my seedlings just because i want more yield. For my clones I wait until 1-1 1/4 ft.

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