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  1. Day 7 since transplant and they seem to be doing good just wondering if anyone tops early and the pros and cons I think I am going to top as early as possible IMG_20230315_065315997.jpg IMG_20230315_065325539.jpg IMG_20230315_065329777.jpg IMG_20230315_065345564.jpg
  2. Yes there ready. Do not top. But FIM. i suggest going back to a few posts i made . How to fim a plant . I made clear pictures where to cut and it has before and after
    Pros there is zero time to wait to do it now . It will grow with two tops and be ready to fim again in a few weeks.
    Cons your wasting time not doing it now . Wait more for zero reason.
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    fim_resize.jpg I would pinch out the new growth/shoots as you see them on each plant, less stress, kind of like topping or fim.
    You can end up with 6 tops
    You want to keep the 2 side nodes
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  4. i may top 2 of them early and see what happens 1 of each strain i have 4 white widow and 4 supoer critical from greenhouse seeds holland
  5. well i topped a couple fimmed a couple broke 1 and left the others be
  6. Heres a Mazar topped at the 4th node. At 32 days veg. Good Luck Peace Out There


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