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  1. Ok I have 5 bagseed plants going and I'm planning on topping them today. From all I've read topping is an excellent choice to increase yield. My question is simple. I'm not sure which ones are male and female yet so I should just top them all right? I've read you shouldn't really top once you've started flowering yet that's when I'll find out the sexes of the plants. Is there anyway to determine sex sooner than waiting for the pistols or pollen sacks to show? Thanks a lot gc!!!
  2. Yes top them all and no don't top once you flower
    And you could take a clone and flower it to see what sex you have

    IMO top them all and see what you got with the flower cycle and just watch them you will have a few days to get the males out if you have any before they pollinate your girls

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  3. when you top them all root the cuts and flower them. cull the corresponding males and your done. topping while in flower is indeed a bad idea but also topping withing a couple of weeks before flowering too. the plants need time to recover

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