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  1. Okay, quick question about topping.

    I 100% understand how it works, what it does, and how to do it.

    Just when is the "best" or most appropriate time to do it?

    Do you go by height? amount of nodes?
  2. There is no all-around "best" time to top. It just depends on how the grower wishes to train his or her plants. You understand how topping affects the plant so just imagine how topping at different heights, different places and different numbers of times will change the plant's growth.
  3. I've been just kind of experimenting with it. It u top early you'll have a smaller bush and if u top a little before flowering you'll get more heads depending in the strain of course
  4. Hey if you have any questions regarding topping check out my video on Youtube. I cover how and where which you already know it looks like...So you can check out the size of my plants in which I top...They are about 8 inches all around. Check the link below though if interested in a hands on view.

    [ame=]Aero grow day 11 - YouTube[/ame]
  5. awesome. ya almost everything in this field is all about experimenting till ya find what works best with your strain/situation.
  6. how does topping more then once result, from what i heard some strains will give you more if you top, some it cuts back yield. i plan on taking a couple of clones, as long as its a girl, and experimenting to see what works best.

    Can you make a clone into a mother? Or is that not suggested. This being my 2nd attempt (first was male) solo, once before me and a buddy did a closet grow in Highschool, im excited to test the HPS and get some budda. So if i take a clone (as long as its female) could that be my mother for future grows? or if i see this is female, keep her in veg?

    Thanks again guys!
  7. Here's a short c&p of how I top that should give you a good idea of what happens when doing it more than once.

    --We top our plants, leaving two nodes on each. Each node has two growing shoots. The two shoots on the top node grow fastest since they're closest to the light. Once these two have a node on them, we top both, leaving that node on each. There are now four growing shoots on the top of the plant. By the time these four get growing, the two shoots growing from the very bottom node of the plant reach canopy level, provided they received enough light. The plants go into flowering with six stalks that will each form a cola.--

    No plants will yield less when topped. Doing so can, however, decrease bud size but because there are more buds, there's still a greater yield. Topping also keeps plants shorter because the growth energy is split between at least two stalks instead of one. Being shorter & having more of the lower buds closer to the light source increases both their size & potency. The tops end up as the same potency as when untopped & just the lower buds see this increase.

    Clones can certainly become mothers. Clones of clones can also be mothers & so on.

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