Topping Purple Kosh

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    I've grown this strain several times, however I'm a complete newbie to topping. Does anyone know if it positively impacts the yield on this particular strain and also are there any good videos that anyone can recommend to do this. I am currently on my second week of vegging and only plan to veg for 3 weeks with this crop.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  2. ive never grown purple kush before but i have topped many other strains and it always results in an increased yield due to the multiple tops. i currently have a Jack Herer plant that i topped and supercropped which will go into flowering in a week or two. so far it looks really promising.

    as for a video i dont have any specific one to reccomoend but i usually top the plant after its reached 8-10" and cut it down to ~6" depending on where the closest nodes are.

    ive always ben told that theyre good to top after the 4th node has appearred
  3. You should always search before posting dude
    [ame=""]YouTube - Part 1 Topping Cannabis 101[/ame]
    Topping stresses and stunts the plant. If you top you won't get much in one week, it's got to first recover, then start growing the separate tops.
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    Thanks.. I did find that video on youtube but barely made it through part 1 as the guy was too busy getting high and listening to himself talk and I needed quick results. In addition i was looking for some feedback from other who have topped th strain before. I still have 2 weeks left of vegging, I'm exactly on day 8 of a 21 day cycle. I also want to see pictures or preferably video of smaller plants being topped.

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