Topping problem?

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  1. Ten all together,

    the two i topped were Sour cream, and x lined grapefriut

    can you top them too low?

    its been about a day and a half and im not seeing any new development on the two out of the top

    X lined was stress trained with a mondo stem, they still have 2 weeks of vegging maybe a little more, not really a set date to flower

    so should i be worried? can you cut it to low that it doesn't come back?

    sour creams textures is a little bit ruff with the edges curling slightly down

    Fox farms noots, good soil, two 400 ws hps and mh
  2. As long as it's healthy to begin with you have no worries, she'll grow back.
  3. Not true you can top some strains too early, we need pics to advise really. And curling right after a pince is probably too much nute.
  4. Its not a gnarly curl, just a widdle iddy bit, She looks decently healthy, it started with yellowing dots on the middle of the leafs, with a ruff texture, buti think thats because i sprayed the plants with a mist of water a couple times adn went overboard, Ill have a journal up soon, nice nikon camera, some good equipment being used, im sure people can learn from this ten strain grow, plus my autoflower biodiesel is pistolling like a muddafugga! the rest are photoflowers

    also sour creams the only one to show any probs, even if its still looking good, everyone else is a beauty

    iced Grapefruit x line, sour cream
    barneys blue cheese, liberty haze, Pine apple chunk
    Alakazam, bubblegummer, Pure Ak, DNA genetics lemon skunk, and whats the other.... cmon stoner think

  5. A little nute water can do stuff like that if dripped on some leaves and unless its causing real problems just watch close real close

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