Topping pre-flower?

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  1. Hello everyone.
    Im gonna go right to the point.
    Can I top during pre-flowering?
    Just to make it clear, when I say pre-flowering I'm refering to the period of time that goes from the beggining of flowering until buds start to show up. This mean the period of time in which the plant just stretches right before bud formation takes place.
    Im pretty aware that plants are not supposed to be topped when they have entered the flowering period, but Im not sure about theaforementioned time lapse.

    Now, why the urge to top at such an inconvenient moment of the plant's life?
    Right now im growing Super Silver Haze. Prior to this I grew Nevilles Haze which took around 3 weeks to show any signs of buds and stretched insanely after it entered its flowering period.
    Sativas tend to strech alot when switched to 12/12 but haze is just absurd and SSH is no exception.
    My plants have turned 2 weeks today and I have this dilema of whether shoukd I wait untill the plant grow 4-5 nodes, switching to 12/12 and topping or just switching to 12/12 right away and start LSTing.

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  2. I think you posted the wrong picture man. that is a picture of some baby plants....

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  3. I top at 5-7 nodes myself..BTW: If that is Miracle Grow soil..Much larger problems await (Time release nutrients are not Cannabis friendly)
    I would suggest Super Cropping to control the height in addition to topping and LST.
  4. The answer to the question is yes in early flower, but if your taking about the two plants in your picture your wasting all owe time, The plants to small to flower an less you looking for half oz from the two.
    The pots too small to flower a plant off in

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