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    So i know there is a lot of info on topping, but I just have one issue needing clarification
    One of my plants is starting it's 4th set of ragged edge leafs.
    On top of the 1st set of leafs with 5 pedals (3rd set total), there is a new set of leaves forming, and there are 4 smaller growths, 2 on either side of each new leaf.
    Do I need to cut ONLY the new leafs and keep the 4 new growths? This is my assumption, but the problem is that the 4 new growths next to the leafs seem to be growing so close together that it is almost impossible to clip only the leafs.
    Should I just wait a bit for the growths to be more separated from the leafs? Or can I clip all that shit off above the node?
    I guess another question worth asking would be, where exactly do the new tops come from?

  2. I find the node that I want to keep and cut everything above that.
  3. Now you know why it's called F.I.M. topping! lol
    So do I cut everything or leave the small growths?
    Are the small growths just leafs or will they be the tops?
    If I do have to only cut the very middle, how can I do so if the other growths seem to be directly attached?
  5. You cut just above the new growth but as close as you can to it. Azfox was referring to F.I.M. topping is when some of the stem remains above your nodes. This can cause four new mains to sprout apparently. But when I did it I got like 8. It took forever to train it. But I am happy now.Sent from my SGH-I337M using Grasscity Forum mobile app

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