Topping my girls - Worth it or not? [Pics included]

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  1. Ok, so I'm curious as to whether or not it'll be worth topping my girls. If you check my grow journal you can see the details of my grow. But basically I have 4 White Widow girls and I have about 6ft of vertical space to work with.

    Will topping these girls be worth it or should I just keep them going naturally? If I should top them, are they ready to be topped now? or have I left it too late?

    Here's some pics of them at the moment.



  2. their ready to be topped now .
    if you want two main colas coming out of the top and get a bigger yield than top , i heard it makes the plant a little bushier too
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    I always top plants. It really makes a considerable difference in yield on an indoor grow. I did a grow that had 2 identical plants, one was topped, the other wasn't. The one that was topped produced at least twice as much in the end. It seems like it gives the side branches time and energy to catch up to the top, so you end up with quite a few more large buds, instead of one giant one with a lot of smaller popcorn buds.

    ps. I don't know what size your grow is, because topped plants do get much bushier. Non-topped plants grow straight up and look christmas tree'ish, and topped plants look more like a bush. Mine can get almost 3 feet wide, and about 5' tall.

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